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Hello! I'm Athena. Slytherin - INTJ Aries #radblackfeminist

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Roll Tide! I'm a senior in college far from home. This blog is a hodge-podge of fandom, social justice, astrology, history and poetry, fashion, travel, some other pretty stuff, liveblogging, and the odd original text post. I love lots of different things and I'm involved in plenty, and this is where I share them. :) This blog is a Safe Space; don't come around here with nonsense.

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andrew_zuk: First full day in LA and I run into Niall Hoarn and Zayn Malik. Zayn is a bit camera shy but they were so nice! Bit blurry because I was fan girling 💗🙌🎶 #onedirection

"Vocally, no one carried the evening on his shoulders, although Zayn Malik’s voice has emerged as the smoothest and strongest of the bunch, even when his stage presence seemed the most distant. (Keep an eye on that guy.)"

Washington Post 08.11.2014 (via zaynrocketking)