here comes a hurricane
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Retro-style posters that were given out to the cast and crew of the Captain America films. I absolutely love these, and really wish they’d been the official one-sheets. The First Avenger poster is absolutely beautiful.


so i found this gem earlier and i kind of want it.

(if you don’t think tony owns every possible piece of captain america memorabilia possible you’re wrong.)


— black widow / Чёрная вдова / chernaya vdova / natalia alianovna romanova / natasha romanoff



Steve Rude’s Wonder Woman <3

These are amazing. I had never seen Wonder Woman like this until perpetua tweeted. H/T my friend!


only babies cry (things to make sad boys sadder), march 2014

watercolor, gouache, gold ink and glitter on paper, 7 1/2” x 5 1/2”



I am the only one who does this orr…

Or you miss a random little spot and it ruins your entire life until you shave it off