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  • marvel: [has a black man walk in the background of the shot of the 6 white avengers]
  • marvel fandom: REPRESENTATION.
  • marvel fandom: DO YOU SEE THAT.
  • marvel fandom: DC, WHERE YOU AT.
  • marvel fandom: YOUR MOVE, DC.
  • marvel fandom: ON YOUR LEFT, DC.


we have all read fanfiction that we shouldn’t have


Requiring students to learn about race is crucial… necessary even. But I also think it’s necessary that we tell students very directly that their coursework alone won’t earn them any social justice gold stars. We need to be more explicit when establishing safe spaces in classrooms where race is being discussed: ”safe spaces” should not mean spaces where students can say racist things and be absolved of blame. They should be safe spaces for marginalized voices. White guilt, white tears, and white saviorism have no place in these classrooms. We need to teach students not to just understand what the master’s tools and the master’s house are, but what they mean.

Most of all, we need to recognize the limitations of academics. We need to teach students to listen, to be vulnerable and admit fault. Academics can fuel action. I consider all of my friends to be fiercely intelligent. They’re thoughtful and well-educated, and profess to be progressive. But some of them are also the kind of people who remain silent over Israel’s attacks on Gaza, worried that speaking out could hurt their job prospects. Because American individualism seems to be one lesson universities struggle to unteach.

A degree can’t be used as proof that you “understand my struggle.” A degree can’t be used as a shield against criticism. Most of all, a degree can’t be used as a weapon to invalidate my lived experiences. How can a piece of paper on a wall weigh more than the burden I carry just for existing as a woman of color? Your degree counts for something, but it’s not enough.


"I Have a Cultural Studies Degree" is the new "I Have Black Friends" by Kayla Kumari Upadhyaya (via queer-filam-artivism)

tony the mechanic; steve breaks every vehicle he touches


Steve walks in looking guilty, and Tony sighs.

"Whose stuff did you break this time?"

"My pal’s motorcycle," Steve says. "I told him I’d get it checked out, so if it’s not too much trouble-"

"Sure, I’m not busy," Tony lies, and follows Steve out of the workshop to where a beat-up looking motorcycle is leaning on the side of the shop.

They wheel it into the workshop, and Steve sits down on the couch as Tony starts taking the engine apart. “You should really stop touching other people’s stuff, they’re going to make you pay for it after a while,” Tony tells him, and then grins down at the engine. “If you want to see me so badly, just ask me to dinner.”

Tony is knuckle-deep in wires when Steve clears his throat quietly and says, “Would you be okay with that?”

"Hmm?" Tony makes a face down at the tangle of wires. What the hell did Steve do to the thing, shove his hands in and twist?

"I was asking if you’d like to go to dinner with me sometime. If you want."

Tony hums absently as his fingers work the wires, and then the words register and leave him reeling. He turns, and Steve is staring at him, the tips of his ears pink, obviously wanting to look away but not letting himself. 

"I," Tony says, all too conscious of how filthy he probably looks. He tries to remember when the last time he showered was. "Why. Steve, unless you’ve been stalking me, you’ve only ever seen me up to my elbows in engines and covered in grease. Not to mention my clothes.”

Steve frowns, and then shrugs. “You suit your clothes. And I assume you won’t turn up to the restaurant in a ripped tank top.”

Tony’s mouth opens, and then closes. “Seriously?”

"Well, if you want to wear the tank top, obviously I can’t stop you," Steve says, and a hand comes up to rub at the back of his neck. The pink on his ears has steadily deepened to red, and is now spreading over his cheeks. "But I’d- I think I’d try to dress up for it, and I’d feel like a fool if it was just me all dressed up while you’re in jeans. You could wear whatever you want, I wouldn’t- I wouldn’t care, it’d be fine-"

"Pick me up at eight," Tony says, and Steve stammers himself to a stop. "I promise to wear something that isn’t covered in oil stains."

The blush is still going strong, but now it’s accompanied with a disbelieving grin. “I- great. That’s, that’s great. I’ll, uh, come here and pick you up?”

"Can’t wait," Tony says, and tweaks a wire. "Your friend’s motorcycle should be fixed by tomorrow, by the way."

"Hmm? Oh, yeah, thanks."

After they start going out, Steve suspiciously stops breaking machines, but Tony doesn’t call him out on it.

Zodiac Hidden Fears

  • ♈ Aries: Aries fear that they don't fear 'fear'. Most of them are insightful enough to know they can leap head on into danger unnecessarily
  • ♉ Taurus: People will think they are boring. To make up for it they bake food or take people out because they are worried they alone aren't enough
  • ♊ Gemini: Other people will see how internally wound up and vulnerable they are. How much they really need somebody there; no matter how independent they may seem
  • ♋ Cancer: Having a volatile family life. Most Cancers fear divorce but also believe it will never happen to them
  • ♌ Leo: People will tire of their theatrics and neediness and reject them entirely. That eventually people will give up on trying to assure them and cope with their drama
  • ♍ Virgo: People will judge them and treat them differently if they are not at least fulfilling some purpose or use for being around
  • ♎ Libra: They will be alone forever
  • ♏ Scorpio: They will open up and share a secret to somebody, but be rejected / betrayed
  • ♐ Sagittarius: They will love somebody more than the other person loves them. They will need somebody more than they are needed.
  • ♑ Capricorn: Because everyone puts so much faith in them, they are secretly worried they will just destroy everything and don't know who to ask for help
  • ♒ Aquarius: Eventually they will just drift entirely away from everybody. That one day they will be unable to decipher what is rational and not. A true sense of isolation
  • ♓ Pisces: That people only pretend to like them. Most Pisces can't figure out why they have friends or why they are liked. They are constantly comparing themselves

More of Tony asking Bucky for wooing tips :D


"Does Steve like flowers?"

"How the hell should I know?"

"Because you’ve known him forever. Come on, lay it on me."

"I don’t think Steve cares about flowers."

"He’s got to like some flowers, Bucky. Wait, was he allergic before he got Cap-i-fied?”


"Just answer the question, I’m not paying you to screw around."

"You are literally paying me nothing, ass, I live here. No, he wasn’t allergic, and thank god because almost everything else made the guy sick. And I think I remember him saying he likes tulips one time."

"Tulips! Great, I’ll get him those."

"Don’t go overboard, Stark."

"Do I seem like the kind of person to go overboard?"

"Get one bouquet, Tony. A small one. Steve gets uncomfortable if people try to give him a lot of stuff. You should’ve seen him after a senator tried to give him a house, looked like he was eating a lemon. I get you like to spoil people, Stark, but believe me, Steve won’t react well to it.”

"I think a room full of tulips would fit in really nicely somewhere on Steve’s floor."

"God. Buy him some candy hearts while you’re at it, write tiny love notes on them with lasers."

"That wouldn’t work, it’d melt the chocolate."

"Please don’t write him tiny love notes on chocolate."

"Psshh. If I ever tried to write love notes, I’d probably write something like, ‘roses are red, violets are blue, we should totally bang, now please.’”

"Wow. That was awful. Why am I helping you again?"

"Because according to you, we’re the stubbornest idiots ever and we don’t know how to talk about our feelings and you want to make sure we do something about said feelings before one of us dies in a Doombot invasion. Also you want Steve to get laid. Which I am eternally grateful for."

"Go buy the kid some goddamn tulips, Tony."

"Eternally grateful, Bucky."


1. This looks like the weirdest movie ever. [Edit: Someone told me it’s based on an awesome book by Stephen King’s son, also called Horns. Wow!! Now I totally want to read it.]

2. Daniel Radcliffe sounds like a COMPLETELY different person with an American accent. His voice literally sounds lower.

3. Oh look, a movie where Daniel Radcliffe makes friends with a snake!